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Abadabadoo, Cardiff Roller CollectiveBabe Runner, Milwaukee BlitzdkriegBangHer & Smash, McLean County MissFitsBelle Kabong, Gold Coast Derby GrrlsBi the Book, Rollergirls of Central KentuckyBlockodile Dundee, Sun State Roller GirlsBona Contention, Circle City Derby GirlsBoo D'Chaos, The Norfolk BrawdsChristina Ms Demeana, ICT Roller GirlsChupacabra, TXRDCirque D. Slay, McLean County MissfitsCold Stone CreamHerCooter, NOtown Roller Derby_Could Careless, East Texas BombersD.D. McDeadly, The Jozi FirebirdsDaisy Fever, Girls Rollin in the South Roller DerbyDizzy Derringer, OKC OutlawsDublin D'Pain, 580 Rollergirls of Lawton OKDutch Chocolate, Border City BrawlersEileen Onya, Anarchy Angels of the Mainland Misfits